Downright delicious and ethically sourced is how, we believe, coffee should be. 

Our house espresso is a stunning South American blend, carefully crafted by Extract Coffee down the road in St. Werbergs, on their lovingly restored 1955 vintage Probart roaster, Betty. A sweet, big-bodied combination of Columbian, Peruvian and El Salvadorian beans, that produces the ultimate crowd pleasing espresso. Great with milk, great without.

Alongside this, we offer guest single origins from roasters close-by and further afield. Recently, we've had some stunning coffees in the hopper, from the Barn in Berlin, Workshop in London, and more locally, Crankhouse Coffee and Little & Long. Check our twitter feed to see what's in the hopper at the moment. In warmer months we also serve our house cold brew. 

Our loose-leaf tea comes from Waterloo Tea in Cardiff.  Like us, they’re obsessed with quality and have tracked down the finest teas from around the world. They work closely with us to ensure we brew them to perfection – ensuring bliss in every sip.